Santa Barbara Public Transportation Policy Actions do not Support "MEASURE A" Claims.

As a result of multiple years of street changes that have failed to improve transportation in Santa Barbara, the city is once again going full steam ahead with their political agenda, regardless of the intentional problems they have caused.

What happens when the voters rebel over intentional street congestion?

What happens when Traffic Managers cannot justify traffic plans with numbers?

What happens when Traffic Managers are caught using questionable safety numbers and accident rates?

What happens when "successful" congestion programs in different cities turn out to be failures?

What happens when "Smart Growth" traffic/parking starts failing across the nation, and no longer supports current long term traffic goals?

If you are the City of Santa Barbara and have been caught with your hand in the cookie jar, you change the rules!!!

As a response to community disapproval over: the St. Francis Traffic Plan, elimination of one lane on Upper Chapala, continued actions to congest Cabrillo Blvd. and other plans, the City of Santa Barbara is trying to change the street designations on multiple main corridors that experience a minimum peak rush hour traffic once a day.


By lowering the classification, the City can then change the speeds and carrying capacity (ie. narrow the streets) without continually going through public exposure and embarrassment!

Must be terrible to live this way constantly trying to justify a political agenda that repeatedly fails!

Still want to support and fund this failed public process?

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